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Saint Paul Lutheran Church
Liturgical Worship
Worship at Saint Paul Lutheran Church brings God's people together in celebration of God's grace through readings, songs, preaching, and sacraments.

Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do as believers.  This is especially true, when believers gather together for worship.  Without Christ we would have no reason to come and worship.  Instead, we would be separated from God and each other.  We would cower in shame in the presence of God.  But Christ, our Savior, has restored our relationship with God.  This brings us two-fold joy.  We open our hearts to receive his saving and empowering gospel.  We, also, open our arms to offer to the Lord our thanks, our lives - our everything.

This cycle of receiving from God and giving to God characterizes each of our lives.  It also describes the way we worship, when we gather together.  To accomplish this, we use a form of worship that traces its roots to the apostles themselves.  It's called liturgical worship.

Jesus Christ is at the center of liturgical worship.  Some parts of the liturgy stay the same each Sunday.  This makes sure that Christ is proclaimed and praised during every service.  Some parts of the liturgy change every week.  These changes make sure that we cover the life-giving words and actions of Christ, as recorded in the Bible, every year.
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