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Saint Paul Lutheran Church
Bible Information Class
People Close to God is the overview course, which covers the basic truths and teachings of the Bible.  People Close to God is for people interested in becoming members of Saint Paul Lutheran Church or for people just looking to strengthen and mature their faith through study of the Holy Scriptures.  For more details, visit here.

Adult Bible Study
Adult Bible study takes place every Sunday morning, begining at 9:15 AM.  Pastor Faught leads the group in discovering and discussing what the Lord says and means in his Word for their lives now and forever.

Youth Bible Study
As a teenager, a person goes through that transition stage of being still dependent overall and yet of growing more independent in thought and responsibility.  To help equip the youth (7th & 8th graders) for a life of meaning and service as Christians and more importantly to continue to grow in their faith in the Lord, youth are invited to participate in their own Bible study on Sunday's at 9:00 AM.

Sunday School
Feeding Jesus' lambs with the Word is important to us at Saint Paul Lutheran Church.  Each Sunday at 9:00 AM we invite the children to enjoy time with their Savior and his words.  Ages Pre-K to 6th grade are welcome.

Catechism Class
Our 7th and 8th graders take part in a weekly instruction class, in order to prepare for acceptance as adult, confirmed members of the congregation.  Catechism class covers all the basic teachings of the Bible and is specifically designed for the middle-school age group.  For more information, visit here.
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