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Saint Paul Lutheran Church
Everything we do here at Saint Paul Lutheran Church is meant not only to strengthen those who already believe, but also to bring that good news of salvation in Jesus to everyone in our community.  There are more opportunities for outreach than those listed below, especially on an individual and personal level.  To get more information or involved or to give ideas, speak with Pastor Faught or Jerry Scallisi or watch for advertised opportunities.

A couple times during the year we hit the pavement or pick up the telephone to let our neighbors know about special services or events here at Saint Paul Lutheran Church.  That can be as simple as hanging fliers on doors or mailing out a postcard.

New Movers
People move from out of state to this area throughout the year.  Others just move across town.  Each month, then, we mail a postcard to new movers, to welcome them to the area and to offer any way in which Saint Paul Lutheran Church could serve their spiritual needs.

Each month we mail a newsletter to those interested.  The newsletter contains a timely devotion and any information about upcoming events or news at Saint Paul Lutheran Church.  If you would like to receive a newsletter (for posted newsletters) or be included in the mailing list, please contact Pastor Faught (608) 655-4179.  His information is also on the Home Page.
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